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I am writing to complain about the front office staff of Dr, Fred Freeman.M.D. FACS

I have seen Dr.Freeman on two different occasions for a severe ear infection, the doctors nurse call me and stated that the doctor could not proceed with any more treatments and referred my to a ear surgeon named Dr. Steven HO. I made an appointment to see Dr.Ho and I was to see him in to weeks.

I requested my medical records for the two visits from Dr.Freemans front office so I could present them to Dr Ho. I was told by a Officer worker by the name of "Connie" That she would have to Fax them over to Dr.Ho.

Two days before my appointment with Dr.Ho, I called his office to see if they received my important records of my two visits with a Osler Docter Fred Freeman, They stated "No" I called "Connie" at Dr.Freemans office to ask why my records were not sent, She states that the records were sent but she cannot find a fax conformation number, she states that she is very busy and so is the doctor.

I called again the morning of my important appointment with the Surgeon, Dr.Ho. Connie states that she will sent them out "right now" This was at 9:AM on March 21st.

I went to my appointment with Dr. Ho at 10:40 AM on March 21st. He stated that his office received no records from Dr.Freeman that I was promised by "Connie". Dr. Ho did not know why I was there and did not know what Dr.Freeman did to my ear, he did not know how to proceed.

The front office of Dr. Freeman had almost two weeks to provide me or my Ear surgeon with the records of my visits, after my worthless visit with Dr.Ho I went right over to Dr.Freeman’s office to confront "Connie". I could see through the glass of the office window that my records were just sitting on her desk, I asked again for a fax conformation number and again she could no produce the Fax number.

I demanded those records and hand carried them over to Dr. Ho's office.

The next earliest time now to see Dr.Ho is April 14th.

The arrogant, rude and un-professional nature of "Connie" has cost me wasted time on a matter regarding my server Ear problem, Dr. Freeman stated that it is imperative that I have this infection cleared up by a surgeon and that time is of the assents.

I am sure that Dr. Freeman does not know what is going on in his front office, I am hoping that the powers that be, will do the right thing with "Connie and the front office?

Thank you for letting me rant and thank you in advance for what you can do for Dr. Freemen’s’ patient's

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